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A collaboration between the leaders in engineering and security solutions

Protect your Business with Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions


A collaboration between the leaders in engineering and security solutions

Protect your Business with Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

About Our Lab

Powered by a partnership between EPAM and, the Cyber R&D Lab team is a consortium of cybersecurity experts who perform in-depth research and penetration assessments to tailor comprehensive offensive security programs to your business.


Full-Stack Penetration Testing

We take an outside-in approach to continuously test and ensure resilience, uncovering possible attack vectors and helping you fix them before they’re exploited.

Continuous Red Teaming

We assembled a group of ethical hackers who will regularly spar with your defenses unannounced, making your security operations center stronger and smarter. 

Custom Security Research

We closely examine your hardware and software from end to end in our lab to discover novel ways that it could be compromised before attackers do.


Our Promise

We always put responsible disclosure at the heart of everything we do. We inform vendors of product vulnerabilities and wait for patch updates before announcing any technical details. We help fix bugs and work to safeguard user privacy.


Responsible disclosure



Remediation assistance

Our Approach

We are passionate and skilled researchers with extensive expertise in reverse engineering, network security, hardware, web application security and source code auditing. Our cross-disciplinary team has experience across multiple industries, allowing us to have a comprehensive view of the specific security challenges faced by software developers, as well as the businesses and consumers that use their products. Our research covers not only the software itself, but the infrastructure that supports it and the behavior of users that rely on it.


Who We Work For

Cybersecurity has never been more important. Data breaches are on the rise and every company and individual across the world needs to be secure. Our lab works diligently to secure high-profile IT products and protect software developers and enterprise infrastructure across multiple industries from threats to their profitability, data and reputation.

Who We Are

Launched by EPAM and in 2018, our Cyber R&D Lab brings together tech experts and information security researchers to offer businesses a complete and practical approach to secure development. Our team is comprised of renowned and certified experts in reverse engineering, network, hardware and web application security. We are members of WASC (Web Application Security Consortium), CIS (Center for Internet Security), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker Program), ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association) and GSMA (GSM Association), and have been recognized by many leading technology companies in their Security Halls of Fame.

Interested in participating in our research? If you have information security expertise, we welcome your input.

Digital Distancing to Keep Your Network Safe

In a world where remote work is the new normal, learn more about best practices for protecting your employees and business assets from cybersecurity threats.

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