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Our Approach

Online criminals are constantly looking for new ways to attack corporate infrastructure and users. Defending your business against today’s wide range of digital threats requires vigilance and constant research. Our Cyber R&D Lab goes beyond just identifying security vulnerabilities in individual products. Our experts model the full range of attacks that could exploit these bugs, then design holistic approaches and solutions to address them.

An End-To-End Approach to Ensure Your Business Is Secure

Network Security Analysis

We evaluate the protection levels of your corporate network infrastructure, finding weak spots so you can proactively fix them.

Source Code Audits

Coding errors cause vulnerabilities and enable security breaches. Our experts audit your source code and eliminate dangerous bugs.

Reverse Engineering

We pick apart code to identify hidden security issues and analyze malware.

Hardware Analysis

Vulnerabilities in hardware can be unexpected and dangerous, especially when used to attack critical infrastructure. We find these threats before attackers can.

Web Applications

Any organization, including banks, governments, startups, hospitals and virtually any other business today, with a website or other web-connected systems is susceptible to cyberattacks. Our team searches for vulnerabilities in web applications and helps guide the remediation process.


Keep Your Business Secure

Our experts are ready to help you with your cybersecurity challenges.