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What We Do

We’re constantly working to enhance global cybersecurity and ensure all companies and IT products are safe from cyberattacks. Our threat research and vulnerability assessments combined with our long-standing industry expertise allow us to tailor unique security programs for our clients. From research and consulting to implementation guidance, we help defend businesses against a full range of digital threats.

Research, Consulting & Implementation

The team at our Cyber R&D Lab works with your organization to identify possible attack vectors for your infrastructure. We advise on bespoke strategies to improve protection and minimize risks, as well as share ways to monitor and optimize the ongoing performance of your security programs.

Threat Intelligence

We constantly monitor the cybersecurity threat landscape and use our research to help your business accurately predict unknown and zero-day threats with realistic attack modeling.

Vulnerability Assessment

We assess your IT infrastructure and software for vulnerabilities and help developers with remediation.

Strategy Development

Our independent expert analysis of security weaknesses helps your business and software vendors build protection strategies that prevent attacks.

Analytics & Reporting

In addition to providing analytics on your specific security vulnerabilities, our team constantly monitors a wide range of industries and shares our findings in clear, actionable reports that are accessible to the public.

Commitment to Research, Effective Solutions & Responsible Disclosure

At our Cyber R&D Lab, our experts work together across all areas of information security to address threats specific to your organization. Our team constantly monitors the state of the IT industry and contributes to global cybersecurity community research. In every case, we practice responsible disclosure. Vendors are immediately notified about issues in their products and we provide recommendations for remediation before any public announcement is made.

We Can Help

Our experts can help identify vulnerabilities and threats to keep your business secure.