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What We Do

Today’s threat landscape is constantly morphing, making it difficult to defend your business against cyberattacks. Our in-depth research and penetration assessments combined with our long-standing industry expertise enable us to tailor comprehensive offensive security programs to your business. 

Comprehensive Security Research, Consulting & Solutions

The Cyber R&D Lab team works closely with your organization to take a snapshot of your current-state security posture through an objective lens, identifying both your key strengths and weaknesses. Safeguarding your organization in an ever-changing environment is a continuous effort. Here’s how we help protect the assets you care about most:

Full-Stack Penetration Testing

Architecting your defenses from the inside-out will inevitably result in security gaps, and you’ll never know where the next attack will come from. Our team takes an outside-in approach to continuously test and ensure resilience, uncovering possible attack vectors and helping you fix them before they’re exploited with our flexible, scalable service models.

Continuous Red Teaming

To strengthen your security measures, you must regularly exercise them. Going through live attack simulations takes the guesswork out of detecting and addressing weaknesses. We assembled a group of ethical hackers who will regularly spar with your defenses unannounced—just like attackers would—making your security operations center stronger and smarter. 

Custom Security Research

As your products and services evolve to become digital and interconnected, they also become vulnerable to new threats and methods of attack. We closely examine your hardware and software from end to end in our lab to discover novel ways that it could be compromised before attackers do. This way, we ensure that your key products and services are resilient and can repel some of the toughest attack attempts in the wild. 

How Do I Get Started?

It’s as simple as reaching out to us today for a quick scoping discussion. We can help you at any stage of your security journey and map your needs to one of our solutions.