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Who We Work For

Cybersecurity Expertise Combined With Industry Knowledge

Vulnerabilities, attack vectors and security risks vary widely across different industries and companies. With our team’s deep cross-industry expertise, we understand how each industry operates, and the specific threats they face, including the highest-risk sectors like financial services and critical infrastructure. This knowledge helps us provide specific, targeted recommendations for improving your security.

Some Industries We Protect


We help you find the weak spots in your infrastructure to strengthen defenses, achieve compliance and avoid financial losses.


We understand the current threats and share how you can secure mobile and fixed-line users.


We provide actionable recommendations to protect patient data.


We analyze PLC and hardware types to protect against intruders who put travelers at risk.

Critical Infrastructure Sectors

We help you fortify the perimeter and deploy cutting-edge approaches to neutralize insider threats.

Industry-Specific Solution Offerings

  • Corporate Security (LAN/WAN)
  • Telecom Security (SS7, Diameter, GTP)
  • ICS/Scada Security (HMI, Controllers, MES)
  • Financial Security
    - Online Banking System Security
    - ATM Security
  • Forensic & Incident Response (Finance, FMCG, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare)
  • Application Security
    - Web Application Security
    - Mobile Application Security
    - Custom Application Security
    - SAP Security

Contact Our Experts

No matter what industry your business is in, our experts are here to help with cybersecurity.